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Benefits and advantages

Documents and data

IQSoft provides your staff with documents such as manuals, process descriptions, forms, checklists, instructions, etc. directly on screen. This minimizes a lot of printed manuals and other hardcopies. In addition to text and graphic documents, all forms of multimedia (image, movie, sound) can be integrated via hyperlinks. Documents such as legislation, standards and regulations, available on the Internet, can be connected directly via hyperlink to the URL address.

Employees can be assigned to distribution groups. Documents can have multiple distribution groups assigned to them. If a document has changed, concerned employees will be informed via email or paper. IQSoft automatically creates a history of the document, showing how often and for what reasons the document has been changed. Up-to-date checks are performed automatically.

Goal: 90% increase in productivity of document management

Opportunities for improvement

In this IQSoft module you will manage the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). Be it

- Customer complaints or supplier claims/problems
- Market research or reference information
- Internal failures/disruptions or ideas for improvement
- Work safety problems or environmental issues
- Audit weaknesses or training/education requirements

there is complete transparency. All still open actions are easy to manage and developing trends can be identified immediately. Very quickly you will see where measures remain inadequate. All CIP messages can also be assigned to processes. Your process owners will appreciate this transparency.

Electronic documents, digital photos, video, movies can be linked to CIP messages via hyperlink, if requested. Thus, they are available at any time without additional search effort.

The program enables you to delegate actions for further processing to individual employees, functions or decision-making bodies (meetings), the status of which can be monitored at any time. The IQSoft CIP is also an integrated information system. Whether you make a suggestion for improvement or issuing a message, you can monitor the status and progress on screen at any time.

Current statements for reports and reviews can be made without effort at any time. Customer complaints and supplier claims are transferred directly to the relevant customer/vendor evaluation, where they are available for analysis and evaluation. In addition, all IQSoft evaluations, including graphics, can be used for your management reports.

Goal: 80% increase in efficiency with CIP

Meeting Management

The meeting management is an important part of the IQSoft CIP. Concerned employees, their supervisors or the process owner, will most often initiate necessary immediate action. Corrective and preventive actions, however, are often the responsibility of a decision-making body (Q-circle / Board session). Analysis or decision measures from the CIP can be allocated to the respective meetings, with or without an appointed time; they will automatically appear in the appropriate agenda. All decisions made will be entered as a measure into the CIP database and not as text in the minutes.

All meetings will be archived automatically, thus enabling a cost analysis of all meetings.

Goal: 50% reduction of costs

Testing Equipment

IQSoft manages testing and measurement equipment, including all relevant data. Concerned employees can directly log tests, repairs, status changes, etc. Relevant data may be updated independently. All stakeholders will benefit enormously from this clarity and timeliness. A sophisticated system reduces necessary calibrations to a minimum. The program can be adjusted to your needs in a multifaceted way, depending on how many testing equipment are in use.

Goal: Significant reduction of calibration management

Operating Equipment

In addition to the usual equipment such as plant, machinery, vehicles, etc. often the entire IT infrastructure will be administered by IQSoft. All configuration changes, extensions and some support services can be documented. This gives you a detailed overview of available devices at any time and an insight into the status of licensed and installed software products. It is also helpful to know what sort of special device is installed in which system. The program systematically manages repeating maintenance tasks. You will not only have the maintenance cost under control, but also the costs for all breakdowns and unscheduled repairs. This gives you valuable information about the timing of replacement investment.

Goal: Significant reduction in equipment management and maintenance effort


Whether QMS, EMS, HAS, process, product or supplier audits, you will enjoy all benefits of a question database. Any question can be linked to processes, documents, organisational units or standards. The creation of necessary checklists and audit plans can be carried out with minimum effort.

Checklists for auditing will be issued to the audited employee or sent via email. The audit invitation for the specific body, as well as the checklist of assessment criteria for the auditor will be printed without additional effort.

Goal: 75% time savings to complete audit planning and audit preparation

Education and Training


The training management system EDUC optimises education and training of your staff. It includes comprehensive training planning and management such as training profiles, course reviews and confirmation, certificate management, evidence of training and more.


The main function of this extension is the automatic planning of education and training for employees. All refresher courses provided are included in the automatic planning.

The following elements control and influence the automatic planning:

- Documents (process descriptions, checklists, instructions, guide lines, contracts, and so on)
- Employee
- Employee functions
- Timeline (duration of an employee function, validity of training, time until next refresher course).

Goal: Significant reduction of training management and focussed personnel development

MIS Management Information System – Transparency for your processing

The MIS module provides you with clearly displayed management indicators. Thanks to an unlimited number of target/actual values, it is your call how detailed you would like the information to be. There are additional effectiveness checks for your processes and, conveniently, a printout, either as a list or graphic.

Goal: Holistic performance reporting with clear responsibilities

Gantt - Visualisation Processes

Scheduled data can be visualised in a ‘Gantt’-chart. Data will be exported at the push of a button from corresponding modules and automatically processed and displayed in the Gantt module. The program is intended exclusively to view data without changing them in any way. Chart can be exported in PDF format, if requested.

Area modules: Educ, Educ2, Project,