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Functional overview

Available modules

You decide what's going on - Due to the modular design of IQSoft it can be implemented on your specific requirements.

IQSoft at a Glance

As a process optimiser IQSoft controls documents. It sets reminders. It helps by enforcing clear rules, defined by you in advance. It documents processes, connects information, presents them clearly and integrates a wide variety of standard requirements into a management system.

IQSoft includes following modules:

- Document control including Q-records / archiving
- Opportunities for improvement (CIP)
- Testing Equipment Management
- Operating Equipment Management
- Audit Management
- Business Process Modelling (BPM)
- Education and Training Management
- Partner Relationship Management
- Project Controlling/Management
- IT Management
- Contract Management
- Messages/Occurences Evaluation
- Risk Management


- English
- German

Our customer service

Service includes: IQSoft Hotline and Customer service.

Our focus: "We help where we can for as long as you need us." This is your benefit when defining your scope of supply and services regarding IQSoft. Your employees will experience this while on IQSoft training. It pays off when you get the latest IQSoft updates - several times per year without additional costs and limits. IQSoft is constantly growing and expanding regarding customers requirements and inputs. Call us for more information or a product demonstration today!